Hire our junk removal company serving Oakhurst & Coarsegold, CA

Get Rid of Unwanted Items That Are Taking Up Space

Is your garage filled with equipment you no longer use? Do you want to empty out your cluttered basement or attic? Papa's Handy Hauling has you covered. We offer comprehensive junk removal services, including furniture removal, to residents of Oakhurst, Coarsegold, CA and the surrounding area.

Enlist our help disposing of...

  • Outdoor junk: Yard waste | Basketball goals | Trampolines | Hot tubs | Grills
  • Old electronics: TVs | Computers | Printers | Stereo systems | Gaming consoles
  • Busted appliances: Refrigerators | Dishwashers | Ovens and stoves | Water heaters | Washing machines and dryers | Heaters
  • Unwanted exercise equipment: Treadmills | Ellipticals | Exercise bikes | Weightlifting benches | Pilates machines | Home gym systems

We can swing by at your convenience to discuss your junk removal needs and pricing. Call 559-334-8277 now to make an appointment.